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Your browser doesn't support Java Applet.     If you can not see the light gray login panel of simplified version or the silver gray login panel of advance version which occupies the whole browser client window, you can hit the link "Microsoft VM (Java 1.1)" (MSJVM.exe, 5 MB, NOT recommend) or "Java 5(6) VM" (16 MB, Recommend) on the top to download and install JVM. Then you can use WebFTP.
    Though most Windows 2000 or Windows XP preinstall Microsoft VM (Java Virtual Machine), we find there are still some non-updated machine that doesn't install JVM. We recommend you to open the Windows auto-update option so that your system holds on the newest updated state, which guarantees your computer is securer and stronger.   All copyrights is reserved. Shanghai Group Entropy IT Co. Ltd.